Ponte City Projects

A look at Ponte City Apartments’ recent projects


In the efforts to inspire change to the community, Ponte regularly host projects such as the rooftop project by Dlala Nje. These projects have led to recognition by larger corporates such as Sony Music Africa which approached Ponte for the Global AC/DC project. This is of course amongst the shortlist of projects that the Ponte team has lead and been a part of.

Rooftop Garden


 Building community by teaching self-sustaining skills is what sparked the idea for this project. Originally started & maintained by St John’s College, the projects has now been handed over to Dlala Nje. Mainly growing vegetables.

Judo Tournament


On Saturday, 12 February 2022 Ponte City Apartments hosted our very first Judo tournament. The event was an enormous success and boasts a great turnout. There are already talks of future tournaments hosted at our building.

The Ponte Challenge


Encouraging the fit & healthy lifestyles of inspiring individuals, Ponte hosts a 54 Floor stair run alongside Dlala Nje. Are you fit enough to beat the record time of 05’18’’ ?

Base Jumping


Occasionally, we get base jumpers which jump from the top of the Vodacom sign, erected on the top of the building. There is an ongoing discussion to have a weekly base jump at Ponte in the near future.